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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      My son has been going to Mauro Swim Team for many years and has enjoyed being part of such a caring and loving team. The coaches are second to none, so professional and know what they are doing. He has come along leaps and bounds since going there and has always enjoyed it at the same time learning to become a stronger swimmer and has a great stroke. Thanks to the Team at Mauros.



Our two children have had swimming lessons at Mauro Swim Team since they were very young. I am so thankful for the wonderful skills all the staff at Mauro Swim Team have helped to enable our two children to become the confident swimmers they are today. The teams professionalism, patience and care for all of the swimmers at their facility is excellent! They are definitely the best swim school in Newcastle and competitively priced too. Thanks Mauro Swim Team!

Our 4 children have learnt to swim with the Mauro Swim family. Not only have they nurtured all their different personalities but they have shaped them all into excellent swimmers. Our kids still LOVE and look forward to their swimming lessons. its a beautiful community swim school where you feel valued and a part of the family.
Highly recommend the Team



Mauro Swim Team have been wonderful over the last four years. Both of our girls love going to swimming lessons and love their teachers they have had over the years and currently have now. The team are so lovely, friendly, accommodating and caring to all the children and their families. They make you feel so welcome and you meet great people. All I wanted was the girls to feel confident and safe in the water and the team sure do that!
Thanks Mauro Swim Team



When i first approached Mauro Swim Team at the age of 34, I had two goals in  mind. First, to overcome my fear of water and learn how to swim, and second, to become a competitive swimmer. Four years on, I have conquered my fear and set my sights on competing at Masters Championships. This is no ordinary swim school, Peter and the team have patience, understanding and expertise. With a real passion for the sport, they come up with innovative ways to tailor the training to the individual swimmers needs. Keeping it fun and swimming fast.


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